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The Band

Three guys and their music

Story by Cristopher Benitah April 21st, 2016

Shooting the band

I was asked by my good friend Greg, if I wanted to help him take some band photos. I have always been inspired by gritty Rock ‘n‘ Roll photos. Even the simple ones convey a lot of emotions to me.

I met up with the Thermite in DUMBO on a sunny Sunday afternoon to simply walk, talk and shoot some frames together. We decided not to have a concept for this first shoot but feel out what worked for them.


the classics

I personally love telling their story through black and white images. Grain, and harsh contrast adds to the mystery that is the Thermite. To me, the monochrome images speaks without the sense of time or place. It very well could be images shot during the late 70s as the process I used was very similar to back then. Medium format camera and a few rolls of film.


color me vintage

Your phone can, by the use of an editing program, produce vintage looking photos and color palettes. While this is a simple way of throwing it back to the good old days, using actual film allows me to think more about the frame itself vs how it could look. We grabbed a few frames in each location and kept walking. Having fun is when the best shots are made. Kodak portray 400 and 800 gave me the color palette I desired and the band loved the results.

This was our first, but not our last.

Footnote: Camera: Hasselblad H2 // Lens: HC 80mm // Film Stock: Kodak Portra 400, Kodak Portra 800
Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY, United States